USS Portland

"Sweet Pea"


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Yorktown from Portland

 Shortly after noon on 4 June 1942, USS Yorktown (CV-5) comes under attack by Japanese dive bombers. This photo of the Yorktown was taken from the Portland. Foreground objects are the wing and tail of 2 of Portland's SOC floatplanes.

Portland from Pensacola

 Hit by the dive bombers, USS Yorktown afire and dead in the water. Her escorts are steaming nearby. This photo was taken from the USS Pensacola. The Portland is the larger ship to the left of Yorktown.

Portland and Fulton

 Portland, on right, transfers Yorktown's survivors to USS Fulton (AS-11).

Precious cargo

 Yorktown's survivors are checked in on board Fulton after successful transfer from Portland.

All photos are from the Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center